Officials consider criminal charges for stupid assholes who destroyed 170-million-yo rock formation



Respect for wilderness?

If only they were employed by an oil company! Then they could destroy whatever parts of the landscape they wanted to without consequence.


Turns out that the schlub who pushed the rock over had filed a personal injury lawsuit in September for a back injury. This clusterf*ck of insanity courtesy of Southern Utah!


Does anyone know which one got pushed over?


I see the media have even given him a nickname: Goblin Toppler. If that isn’t suggestive I don’t know what the heck is…


The one next to the weird knobbly one.


Step one for these stupes should be a permanent ban from any and all parks or reserves. The only publicly owned property they should be allowed in would be the courtroom where they hopefully pay the price for being asshats.


But people, you forget, HE ISN’T GAY! That was about the least gay thing possible! See, Boy Scouts of America is still protecting impressionable young minds from bad role models, like teh gay!


“He does admit however that the tape may not play well if the case was
to go before a jury trial”

love the lawyerspeak for ‘yeah, we’re totally boned’ :grin:


it might have been justice if the rock had gone over the opposite direction and crushed the fat goblin. (not that I wish anyone crushed by ancient boulders). Nature bats last.


This is the kind of thing that happens when parents are related.


It’s that one on the left that took 170M years to form.


They’re from Southern Utah, so it’s safe to say they only thought it was 6,000 years old max.


That is one stupendously gorgeous picture. Instant desktop wallpaper. Who would look at that and think it needs to be rearranged?

Still (@everyone) … no jail time, no felony vandalism, no huge fine, no no no. Let’s just ease off a little and try to increase the peace. Isn’t having the entire world think you’re a big fat fucking idiot punishment enough? (And isn’t there just a little bit of fat-hating going on?)

I think the chance he’ll ever do this again is exactly zero. He’s in the middle of having a perspective-altering, consciousness-expanding experience.


The one behind the Rock Monster


I vote for feeling like an idiot and a felony. (I will, however, stop short of wishing the rock tipped in the other direction).


Yeah, I’m not terribly gung-ho about sending people to prison/fining them exorbitantly in general. The point of criminal law is to deter people- I think he and everyone else has been sufficiently deterred. Anywhere in the $5000 fine range is fair, and as someone who doesn’t accept “he made me do it” as an excuse from a child, I say the other two don’t get punished.


Why stop short of wishing the rock tipped in the other direction?, there are numerous ugly/humorous/schadenfraede stories that bring out my inner ghoul. He just missed his Darwin Award.


OK, these guys definitely aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Having said that, who here, after reading the headline, thinks that rock existed in that state, (balanced so precariously that a guy could just push it over), for 170 million years? This is a case of journalists not understanding the quotes they print. Weathering and erosion are constant forces, not something that happened in antiquity. If that fat shlub had the strength, (even braced) to topple that rock, it was about to fall anyway. (5-10 years, tops, probably within 1-2 years.).

I know it’s not going to be popular, but I actually think the guys were trying to fix what they saw as a dangerous situation.These guys know that kids can’t resist that kind of thing. Should they have called it to a ranger’s attention instead? Yes. Were they acting out of pure vandalism, I don’t think so. Also, if a ranger had been notified, and decided it should come down, quietly and without video, would that make it alright?


Oh, you know, just a general lack of sociopathy.