Vandals filmed destroying famous sandstone pedestal


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I doubt anybody broke their leg. I think somebody came up with a fast excuse.


Luckily, the rock doesn’t care. Nature doesn’t care. The animals don’t either. Only people care. Those vandals spoiled it for their fellow humans. At least it shows that uncivilised, barbarian people can be found among all cultures, ethnicities and nationalities.


Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Mother Nature abhors balanced rocks. But assholes tend to make things weather even faster.


That sounds familiar:


Obligatory story - German professor was skipping stones in the Dead Sea and knocked down a salt mound in the water. He didn’t know they were old or anything and felt bad afterwards. He was pretty educated and worldly, but for like 99.99% of people, rocks are just rocks.


Vandals filmed destroying famous sandstone pedestal
Douchebag Assholes filmed destroying famous sandstone pedestal. That’s better!


Yeah, calling these guys Vandals is an insult to medieval Germanic tribes everywhere!


Christ, what a bunch of assholes


The real “news” is that there are phone cameras which take actual film! I’m going out to get one right now.


Heh. I catch and correct myself every time I say “I’m taping…” or “I’m filming…” (corrected to “I’m recording…”)

I often wonder how long until children will ask “What does Scotch tape have to do with shooting video?” That’s gotta be a weird leap for anyone born long after the death of VHS, for whom “tape” will essentially just mean adhesive strips.


The same phone you “dial” a number on? Semantic change and all that…


The appropriate response here is: “Nothing. Scotch tape is for splicing reel to reel tapes.”


I don’t think that’s accurate in general, and not specifically in this instance in this video. Most people are taught to respect nature and have the judgement to know when it’s OK to move a rock. These folks labored to topple a prominent, beautiful feature. That’s vandalism pure and simple.


How much film do you have left.

Says 3000 photos.


If there are as many Vandals around as the news implies, then why is so little known about the Vandalic language? Mostly fragments and comparison with Gothic.

“Got it” is a West Germanic form, not East Germanic.


Don’t even get me started on that one! I quit saying “dial” the day we got rid of our dial phone, which was about 37 years ago. I quit referring to it because I knew that it was no longer accurate.

It’s a practical problem that people are slow to update their models of the world, so it seems more responsible and helpful to not exacerbate this deliberately.

I think that it’s an artefact of consumerism to associate a technology with a span of time. From an engineering or problem-solving perspective, any technology which worked before works just as well now.

That’s not strictly true! One can indeed splice video tape, although the image and sync data might not be in the same linear position, so it is messy. Also, not all analog video uses cassettes. Some reel to reel systems are used for video.


Is there a picture on the screen?


Which ran from one circular reel to another - in a clear-plastic window, even.



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