Boy Scout leaders destroy ancient formation in Utah's Goblin Valley




Tread lightly on the earth.


“Leave no trace.”


You left out the important part of the quote.

“-- unless hootin and hollerin is involved, in which case, do whatever the fuck you want.”


Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs?


They failed their “Be Prepared” – to either know what you’re doing, or make someone else take the blame.


An artful interpretation of the human condition, this piece is on par with “Woman Fixes Jesus Painting.”


Maybe they really just needed to earn the Nature Trampling merit badge, you know, because you can only earn the Homophobia and Hate-Speech badges once.


But since they are Boy Scout leaders, we can be sure they are not gay!


Most geologic formations are millions of years old, that’s why we talk about them in geologic time.

That said, that particular formation probably wasn’t going to last much longer anyway, as it was already to the point where a fat guy could push it over. A few more years of wind blowing out the dirt under that rock and it would have fallen anyway. While the odds of it squishing a child are beyond remote and these guys are definitely misguided, it’s not like they’re filling in the Grand Canyon or something. They pushed a precariously balanced rock over a couple of meters.


Maybe “oh my god they destroyed a 200 million year old formation” pearl-clutching is an appropriate response to these knuckleheads “we saved a kids life by pushing this rock over” grandstanding. I dunno.

For those who haven’t watched the video, just let me say this isn’t quite as impressive as the time U.S. publicity firm J. Walter Thompson illegally snuck a 1000lb crane into Machu Picchu and broke the hitching post of the sun making a beer commercial.


That’ll buff right out.


That was 90% gravity.”


My little family did a SW tour a couple years ago and stopped in at Goblin Valley. Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, etc. Goblin Valley is unique. To see these cretins destroying part of a the landscape makes me feel sick. I wish that rock would have crushed that moron, then rolled over the other two halfwits. And as a former Boy Scout… these people need to be drummed out and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. iirc it is a protected area, fine em, jail em, pillory, shame and disgust.

Good day sir!


Even if the wind was primed to knock it over tomorrow, it doesn’t change the nature of their behavior. They are boorish dickheads and their behavior is wildly inappropriate for any visitor of a natural space. Of course, the decision to post a video of this online is simply a further testament to how foolish and insensitive these gentlemen truly are.


You forgot to put quotation marks around the word leaders.


Yeah, good thing they keep gays out of leadership positions in the scouts, so they can have more room for inspiring role models such as these guys.


Hey if it weren’t for drunk rednecks, who would vote for Ted Cruz?


You think they supported the shutdown?


They stole from the future.