Artist creates 20 daily artworks on a different drug each day

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Hey, just like the work of Bryan Saunders, only less… real.

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Even when I was younger and doing (certain) recreational drugs with some regularity, doing 20 different ones in as many days sounds like a recipe for exhaustion and some form of mental breakdown. I get that there are people like him who are able to handle and enjoy such a barrage of mental tinkering, but still, I I hope this guy is OK. I imagine he must have alternated between the “up” ones with mellow or “down” ones?

the documentary aspect is pretty interesting, though.

From the FAQ posted:

Did you actually take all take all substances listed in the project?

As I publically mentioned on around day 14 of the Binge, I took some, not all.
Here are the substances I did NOT take for the project.

How are you feeling now? Are you just fried now?

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with all these questions. (I’m so catty!)
I like cats.
Someone should take a bunch of drugs and illustrate a cat everyday for 20 consecutive days.
I would do it but I don’t want to take any drugs.

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aaaand they all look like cheesy psych drug art.

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