Artist creates gorgeous sketches using an analog typewriter

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I bet that these look really amazing up close, but the creator of the video didn’t bother to show us that.

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Aren’t all typewriters digital? They print discrete glyphs.

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Well they work by an analog process, key press actuates a, well depending on the type, a lever or a switch, which then mechanically causes a type piece to slam in to the page. I guess you could call handwriting digital as you print discreet letters, and do it with your digits, but that is not what we normally mean by digital these days.


Probably digital in that there is a finite set of glyphs in the typewriter.
Probably analog in that the placement of the glyphs are not constrained by specific row/column placements and strength of impression is varied.

Notice how the carriage is manually manipulated to not follow specific row/column placements, but more for an artistic fitting of the glyph to match the image rather than where the typewriter would place them. ASCII art planned out on a terminal for later printing to an impact printer would constrain the row/column placement of the glyphs, with each impression being of uniform impact strength. (I am ignoring control codes for some of the printer specific controls.)

Yeah, typewriters are digital, because they are operated by our digits.
Seriously, they are quite digital in normal operation, but this artist is bypassing the quantized X-Y coordinate system. He’s not bypassing the quantized ink delivery system, though.


Is this guy a fake? I watched the videos and not one of them does he show you the start of the process; sketching the initial figure, the lines of perspective etc which was the part I was most interested in. It’s also the part that would be the most difficult. Instead he just shows himself shading in this perfectly proportional final product. I’m not saying he printed out an ASCII render then filled it in with a typewriter buuuuuuut… it kinda looks that way.

(sorry nixiebunny. I had intended to reply to the initial post not yours but I cant find if there is a way to edit that.)

Also, all of the images are portrait?! LANDSCAPE!!!

Maybe she just forgot the expression “manual typewriter”? Typewriter taxonomy is becoming a bit recondite.

One of the typewriters used is manual, another is electric. I think that ‘typewriter’ would suffice to convey the non-computerized aspect of the work.

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Yes, I agree. Why type two words when one will do?

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