Chromatic typewriter

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what’s the CMC on that and how much mana does it tap for?

Is that a “happy little tree” that I see on the paper there?


I once had an idea to make an architypewriter, which lets you type out ultra-banal street facades. I thought seriously about trying to build one, but mechanical typewriters are complicated as ass, and if you cheated (say, by hiding a raspbpi and the guts of an inkjet printer inside), it would be unsatisfying and still a lot of work.

That said, it seems like you could make this by just replacing the hammers on an actual typewriter with little pastel chips or ink pads or something. So someone should do that. I assume Tom Hanks isn’t that busy right now.


Is a diatonic typewriter on like this but only with two rows of buttons, ad that could play only in D major,B minor,G major and E minor?


I guess this guy might find a use for it if he ever decides colour is needed.


Oh, you mean it types in colors not that it can play the chromatic scale in such pieces of music as Leroy Anderson’s “Typewriter Song.”

that looks like a typewriter from the film naked lunch.

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Only slightly less buggy.


Kinda fun to imagine an alternate history where 6 bit pixel art started on these.

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