Artist creates portraits from intricate string art

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No, this is not possible. Photoshop! Witchcraft! Quantum uncertainty!

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String theory, obviously.


On, someone posted software to help make DIY knock-offs:

I fiddled with it last week, had some fun, but didn’t hit on a generated image that was good enough to actually make IRL. It takes a combo of a good image with the right settings.

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I made one for pushpins


It’s a different technique using different materials, but the way that the overlapping strings create darker areas reminds me a little of packing tape art - as exemplified by the work of Mark Khaisman.

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Similar software has been around for a while. One of me I did some years ago:

Is your image string art, though? Or is it just a bitmap image? The software I linked to has parameters for the number of nails, lines, and size and then outputs step by step instructions for winding the thread. If you have a link to other, possibly better, software I’d like to know about it (Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and I’d like to craft a gift).

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