Timelapse of portraits made by stacking crayons

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Each crayon is a photo

I don’t understand. They look like simple, homogeneously colored crayons.

I put an Instructable together that helps plan images somewhat like that when the elements are in a rectangular array, and not hexagonally packed.

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Maybe he meant “pixel”? The classic photo/pixel switcheroo


A simple process that can be used in increasingly complex ways. I love it.

A cool installation would be a cube that gives 5 views of a subject.

What would be COOL would be to use these images as sources for a mosaic of one of the images… Imageception.

Even “pixel” seemed wrong to me—too specifically electronic—so today I learned: an element of a mosaic is called a tessera, AKA an abaciscus or abaculus. Added to the list of cool words too esoteric to use in polite company!


Hah! Look who has all the crayons now, Donal Logue!

Damn. My daughter was born 13 1/2 months too early. Adding little baby Tessera to the mosaic of humanity would have been a pretty great birth announcement…

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If you follow the link to his gallery site, it gets way nuttier. For these portraits, he casts his own crayons out of wax and artist’s pigment before stacking them. He also has a series of “Color Word” works described thusly:
Christian Faur developed a coding system with 26 distinct colors, each representing a letter in the English alphabet. The highest frequency letters (vowels) were mapped with the most saturated colors using the RGB color system. The next highest were based on cyan, purple, pink and gray. Lesser degrees of shade, hue and saturation were used for the remaining letters. These paintings are rendered in vertical strips of encaustic color that relate to his color alphabet system. The widths of the color strips conform to the length of the sound of a spoken word.

This is “Formaldehyde Cabbage”.

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I am now in love with this word.

You didn’t name her Pixel instead, did you? :wink:

Regarding the video, it’s neato. But man does my back ache watching him twist so much.


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