Artist Gallery: Zack Giallongo




Somebody forgot a page break!! Case of the Mondays…


This is a really long post to scroll past in blog view. Maybe put some of it under the fold?


Hardly worth visiting the website after seeing them all on a single page.


For the love of everything, can someone please let David Mizejewski know how to use the “fold”?


The idea of these posts is to show a sampling of an artist’s work in an online mini-gallery. They are by no means exhaustive. For example, there are dozens of other pieces on Zack Giallongo’s website and social media pages. If you like what you see, I assure you there’s plenty more to enjoy.


The formatting of these posts is done by the Boing Boing editors. Contributors are actually quite limited in what we can do “backstage” beyond text and basic coding. That said, the editors seem ok with this type scrolling gallery format, but I know they read these comments so I’m sure are aware that some readers are irritated by them.


On the positive side, these drawings are really good.


I realise that, I was just being a little snarky about the formatting, my apologies. A lot of us, I suspect, use the old blog-style layout. I’d like to see some figures on this. (Any chance BB?)
I did actually visit the site on the strength of the post. There are some great pieces there.
You also get bonus points by interacting with us mortals and giving us an explainer


Thanks for the reply. Pretty much ditto everything @pixleshifter said. It’s a shame the designers tend to ignore the blog-mode formatting issues just because it’s not the shiny.

These are pretty good; Mr. Giallongo’s got talent.




We hit about 5M uniques in the last month, and there’s 82k uniques for the blog view.


Cor. Fame at last. (Henry Cooper/Brut)
That’s some impressive readership. Nice one.


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