Artist imagines faded and abandoned signage for social media giants

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I like the idea of Facebook becoming a long-abandoned rusted anachronism.




Haunting ruin porn, served with a side of schadenfreude.


and schadenfreude best served with…



Kentucky schreit ficken?


or the chicken place - one or the other, right? - or could be both - anyone want to go have a look?

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does that remind me of the blue thunder item in there

ah, i see - can’t unsee, actually - ich kann nicht deutsch, alas

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My only excuse is that it was in the 1990ies…

Man, welcome to the future :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, in internet terms, it’s been dead for like 50 online years; nobody who’s anybody uses FB, at this point young people only use the platform to find funny screenshots of old/crazy/stupid people to post on other websites, kind of like digital anthropologists.

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Well yeah, anecdote is not data but even in my small circle i’ve noticed a distinct age demographic shift of those who primarily use it.


Interesting - I tried to get some hard demographic data to bring to the discussion, but it’s hard to get ahold of solid data, especially data that accounts for known usage patters.

Example: they’ll cite “users” but then won’t define what “usage” means. Or they’ll play silly buggers like “64% of millennials have active FB accounts, and nearly 3/4 of those are daily users”, not bothering to point out that that’s around 50%, and that doesn’t account for the inflated rate of multi-account users, of which there are a LOT. Almost everyone I know that’s a regular user has at least two accounts, one “public” that uses their real name, and one private that only uses a similar name, to make it hard to link their regular account for an employer.

I have found stats saying that the average age of users is a bit over 40, but again, that’s probably based on user-supplied birthdates… And dual-accounts among the younger demographic and people fudging their age downwards (incredibly common) means that it’s certainly a great deal higher.

I won’t even get into the massive volume of bot accounts that exists, and will of course list ages more in the 18-34 demo… But we all know, with only a few seconds of thinking about it, that this will skew the stats even more wildly. But last year they quietly upped their estimate of fake/clone accounts from 2-3% waaay up to 6-10%. And if that’s what they’re admitting to, then we can probably add a bare minimum of half again to that number. Probably more, but that’s a good floor number to bet on.

So yeah, FB is for the olds, and there’s a ton of fuckery going on under the hood for how they report stats, how they craft surveys to make their numbers look better, especially to advertisers… But fortunately fraud detection systems are getting better, and advertisers are getting a lot more suspicious about ad-platform-fraud, and FB just took a hit because it’s getting a little too hard to cook the books hard enough to convince investors and advertisers to keep throwing money at them.

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MySpace would be a painted ghost sign on a brick wall

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Nice idea, well executed. Was just going to type ‘Genius’ but that was too short. Apt, though.

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