Artist keeps vigil on a bed of nails to protest frenetic culture




I feel calmer already.


You know it’s bad when shit is getting too hectic in Winona, MN.


Point well taken.


I read the whole thing in 3 seconds and replied in 2. NEXT!


If I may quote my old physics teacher, “No one lies on a bed of nail.”


Winona Forever!


I imagine this is how Nearly-Headless Nick was interrogated prior to his execution.


So he was nearly impaled before being nearly beheaded? That’s just cruel, man.


I’m going to lie down on a pillow made of down to protest the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow morning…


Nailed it!


This new guy, Bob Parks, I like him. He reminds me of why I liked BB to begin with. Combing teh internets for unlikely stuff, without judgement or self-interest.


From wikipedia:

A famous resident of Winona was J. R. Watkins, the man who invented the “money back guarantee” in 1868.

In 1947 the Edstrom brothers (Harold and Everett), along with fellow musician Roger Busdicker, founded the Hal Leonard Corporation, currently the largest publisher of sheet music in the world.


Goddam hippies.


When all he had was a hammer he was forced into treating this issue as a bed of nails.



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