Documentary on legendary fantasy coffin artist Paa Joe now available online

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Oh hi, we’d like to commission a big mushroom dick coffin for trump.


Toad the wet sprocket!

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I’m pretty sure I saw that Cacao pod one on display at the DeYoung museum in S.F., so I take it not all these creations make it into the ground.

I am going to handcraft my own coffin.

Given my backlog of projects, I will thusly live forever.


I pity the pallbearers. On top of the grief they were bound to suffer is added humiliation and a hernia.


It’s a shame such fine work will be lost in my Viking Funeral.

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Thanks, Rusty! I think this work has been featured in BB before, but not since the documentary you linked came out. I look forward to watching it.

Building works of art to bury people in reminds me of Ecclesiastes 2:11 and Buddhist sand mandalas. That explicit acknowledgement of impermanence, the perhaps futile search for meaningfulness of labor in a world where the human experience of duration eats all the works of our hands.


I look forward to seeing the documentary. I’m curious as to how many end up underground versus how many end up with art collectors.

I’m also wondering if he gets an idea, builds it, and hopes it sells, or if everything has been requested.

Thanks for the heads up, Rusty!

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I’ve asked my family to have my remains cremated and placed into an appropriate airtight vessel which will then itself be placed into a large Santa Claus cookie jar placed on our mantle.

Whether they honor my request or not I won’t be around to know the difference.

Not necessarily this cookie jar

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