The Coffinmaker, a mini-documentary


I admire his dedication to craft. The coffins are beautiful.

I note from his website that he builds the coffins as explicitly “Marian” (Catholic cult of the Virgin Mary) works. The “M” cross is the Marian logo, and the religious quotes on the coffins are part of Marian beliefs, not requested by the customers. (You can get them without the quotes.) Also, he donates money from his sales to support fraudulent anti-choice “crisis pregnancy centers”.

I know it’s tedious to drag religious politics into every issue, all the time, but he has made this a religious and political work - I merely report it. It’s nice to see respect for old-fashioned craft and skill in work such as this, but it’s unfortunate to see it turned to service of a lack of respect for others. I would like to support people doing the kind of work he does, but I won’t be buying anything from him.


The funerary trade now refers to them as “caskets”, most funeral directors recoiling at the old title of “coffin”.

But I personally like the antique reference and I admire this man’s work and dedication.

Sure the soundtrack should have been this

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