Artist paints people to look like paintings

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Those should be a great hit at Orange County’s Living Classics Pageant.


I prefer the very realistic style of painting myself, so hopefully someone will take the photographs of the paintings of the people who look like paintings and repaint them to look more like photographs.


It’s all done with photoshop.
(Can I say photoshop?)

Alexa Meade’s art is amazing up close. Her painstaking process transforms the everyday to something of real beauty and imagination. I was fortunate enough to see her exhibitions and work in Washington DC. They were beautiful.

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At Nine Worlds last year, I encountered someone who was cosplaying a character from Borderlands in the cartoon art style of Borderlands. It was incredible to see. Just the amount of effort she must have put into painting an actual rucksack to give the impression of being a 2D cel-shaded thing blew my mind.

Amazing stuff!

Had to go full screen on the video to get the damn annoying gif loop out of my field of view. Yes I probably could have opened it in another window as well.

My point is, if you really feel the looping gifs are adding value, can you at least take into consideration how they distract form the content you’re trying to get people to view in the first place?

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They do not distract form the content in my experience.

This is the first one that did for me. I clicked through on the video, and kept having my eyes drawn back to the gif as it was playing. They were too close together. (ETA: I’m still confused as to what the point of them is supposed to be.)

Moving dancing crap tends to distract me a major way.

Could there be a static frame and an overlay that allows play-when-clicked? Would be fairly easy to implement - detect number of frames on the server, when just one frame insert image, when more frames extract first frame to a separate image, insert that one, and add a javascript event that on click on the first frame replaces it with the animated crap file and plays it. Would make everybody happy.

For the title page/grid too, please!

Would make you happy. I like it fine how it is. Please with the ego-centrism.

Please what?

Also, I do not propose to take your precious animated crap away. I am proposing a way to not force it down the throats of people who find it distracting/annoying/CPU-hogging. It’s almost as bad as autoplaying videos.

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