Artist put 15,000 coins on a path and filmed the delightful reactions


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Man, in high school I dreamed about a being a rich eccentric, who would take a bag full of pennies and sprinkle them on the ground at a play ground going, “Here chick, chick, chick, chick.”


I smell awesomeness!


To save you the work I did, 2p is 1/50 BP, which is 1.29 USD at current exchange rate, so if my calculations are correct this amounts to $387 USD.


A few years back I lived in a fairly ghetto neighborhood, and I regularly saw handfuls of pennies scattered on the sidewalk. I’m in a white part of town now, and I never see this any more. I wonder what it means


I think I follow your meaning here, but did you really just equate “ghetto” with “not white”? Can I suggest some reading on Warsaw, Poland in the early parts of the 20th century?


Thieves? It’s found money and people are hungry. Jesus H Christ.


On a cold and gray Bydgoszcz mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
In the ghetto


Good point. Neither neighborhood is homogeneous.


Someone told me a story of Allen Ginsberg sometimes walking the streets of NYC and tossing dollar bills behind himself. Sounds plausible. I imagine that he was giggling the whole time.


FWIW, I am curious about the phenomenon you observed. I wonder if you have a socioeconomic theory to explain it?


This is just like my “exotic throw rug” from FFXIV.



how is picking up left money thieving? Wasn’t this money left with the specific intention of seeing what people would do? So this is even with the previous owners consent. I think the Evening Standard needs to learn to use English. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yep. stupid clickbaity word choices are so tiresome.


penny floors are quite neat!!!


I agree!

The picture I posted is an actual furnishing from FFXIV, labeled as an exotic throw rug and with the following description:

“Because nothing says “class” like a rug with a treasure coffer sewn into it.”


Only a wild-eyed guess. Maybe some poor people throw away those pennies as a middle finger to poverty itself. I dunno.


Well put. My guess was along those lines.


Hope those are coated so that they won’t start to all oxidize and end up all brown.


White folks go to other neighborhoods to dump their pennies?