Artist turns neglected potholes into ice cream treats

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They actually couldn’t find enough potholes in Jyväskylä so workers had to dig up perfectly fine pavement :slight_smile:

You can see an example here.

Before you had potholes. Now you have people licking the street.

Yeah, I’d call that an improvement.

Heere in Cincy we also have third-world streets. But at least Proctor & Gamble got a tax break!

There used to be this pothole down the street. It had been there for a really long time. The guy who lived closest to it filled it in with his own asphalt.

Of course, this led to the city promptly coming out to remove the offending material and restoring the pothole to its former glory. They eventually got a city crew out there to fill it in with the super special asphalt mix they use instead.

My take-away: these will probably be removed shortly.

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Petty bureaucrats rarely have any tolerance for people routing around them. Nor the sense of humor to appreciate this kind of whimsy.

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