Artkive Box lets you preserve your child’s artwork forever as a brilliant hardcover book

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Right. Parents love large surprise bills.


I guess sentiment will drive parents to spend money on anything,
but, in 20 years, after it’s pulled out of the attic covered in dust, it’s going into a land fill.

Pretty sure that Marie Kondo-types would just skip the middle man and never buy this rather than having to throw it away later.

Edit: Upon reflection, it’s actually not a bad idea. They give you both digital copies and a book that is easier to store than a pile of different kid art pieces. It gives you a way to part with those originals because now they’re digitized, and you have analog prints that won’t disappear in a hard drive crash

The main issue is the cost. The Boing Boing sale price is just the down payment. The final cost is significantly higher. They have an estimator on their website for how much your second payment will be. But keep in mind that those costs could go up, or the company could even just go out of business, if you wait more than a short while to submit images. So don’t buy this unless you’re willing to spend a total aroud $100 for a photo book of 25 images or more for additional images and are ready to do so immediately.

You can also do this yourself with your cell phone to take copy photos and Google or iPhotos, both of which will happily print out a photobook for you and charge you for it. The copy photos might be better or worse if you do them yourself, but the photo book itself should be significantly cheaper. And you could also include photos of three-dimensional artwork that was too large or bulky to ship.

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