Arts & Crafts: Build a canoe from a few slabs of plywood

? There are LOTS of rviets on aircraft. But they are flush rivits to improve the aerodynamics.

I’ve been meaning to make one of his frame-and-skin kayaks for ages. I should really do that while paddling the Inside Passage is still at least theoretically within my physical capabilities.

It’s worthwhile to look again after doing some reading.

Very large sections of modern aircraft are glued construction. There’s a lot of complicated surface prep to do it. And yes, largely for Aero benefits.

Wood just needs a clean sanded or planed surface (machined as purchased is fine). So it’s fast as Nick slows.

Countless wood boats built without fasteners from hydros to huge high speed ocean sailing catamarans and … Family use boats.

Fibreglass boats are held together without bolts and screws using the strength of the resin.

Composite aircraft too.

They trust glue with their lives.

Works for boats too.

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And a group of us built canoes in France and paddled a section of the Loire.

Two quick canoes being built on the Facebook group.

And one older one is getting sailing outriggers.


Just from reafing The Starship and the Canoe, I was intrigued by the technique, strong but a level of flexibility.

Later he wtotw a book about them himself, but I never got around to buyingone. His books don’t seem to stay in print, I wanted his book about Project Orion.

Itwas an interesting time. I.later saw him listed in a book about Greenpeace, and I later met some of the early crew, so while I never met George, I must have met people who knew him.

If you can find a copy of Baidarka, it’s a gorgeous book. Seattle public library had a copy, last time I checked – that’s the only way I’ve ever seen one in person.

I got to chat with him at an Ignite talk where I was showing off a silly railroad-style pumpcar with bike tires I’d built for Burning Man. We commiserated about the decline of student shops in US schools. Seemed like a cool dude.

While the use of composite structures in aircraft is increasing, most aircraft flying today are primarily made from aluminum. And for the most part, that aluminum is riveted together rather than glued or even welded.

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