Pallet wood cabin

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Awesome video work.

No spoilers, but the ending really got me in the feels. Life is short!


But now I’m ruining it for everyone!

Yes you did, and thank you!

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The horror short sounds awesome. Perfect use of the cabin-building genre.

My dad spent 2 or 3 years with another guy in a remote part of Alaska in a cabin. Sounds like it was kinda fun, but also kind a pain in the ass. Especially when one of the guys he was paired up with he couldn’t stand.


Be sure to check the markings first, even if you’re just making a coffee table.

This can’t be said too often.


This is like Primitive Technology for Northies. Extra points for the log stove (not the shiny metal one, which was also pretty cool).

Free pallet wood is a lot of work, so it’s not necessarily a bargain when you figure in the labor-- you have to take it apart, remove nails, and often the pallets are already kind of destroyed (the best ones get reused for more shipping.)

That said, these guys did a nice job, but if you’re going to do that much work you should still put it on some kind of foundation, even just a bunch of rocks or cinder blocks.

I have seen a quite a few makeshift homeless shanties made from pallets, usually they just lean them against each other and a throw a tarp or scavenged carpet over the top.

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My dad made a couple work benches from pallet wood, but I think he cut off some of the ends with nails to make it faster.

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I dig that little stove business.

Also, I was mildly entertained by the assorted fasteners in jars.

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