Novice spends a year building a cabin by hand

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I began to cut down trees and film with my phone

Maybe if he used an axe instead it wouldnt have taken a year.


I especially liked how he made a cable modem out of mossy rocks and wood shavings.


Pfffttt. Back in my day we stood in front of the cave and shouted “01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100” if we wanted internet.


If you like this, Alone in the Wilderness is worth a watch.


Yodeling in binary. Those were the days.


A phone is easier than chopping down a tree with you hand…

Seriously, this was great. This sort of thing has always been a fantasy of mine ever since I read My Side of the Mountain as a kid. A few of comments:
He has gotten those logs VERY nice and tight. When you consider that in these parts (Eastern US), it was common to have about 20-50% of the walls be chinking rather than log, that is all the more remarkable. The other place local practice is very different is that we usually squared off the logs and a half-dovetail notch was more common. The concrete that he is using for the piers looks like there is too much water in it. In the long term, that might come back to haunt him. But really this is a remarkable job. It is nice to see somebody accomplish something I would never have the perseverance to get done. My back hurts just looking at him lifting those logs.


Reminded me a little of one of my favorite books as a kid:


I could use a saw like the one he has. Not a lumber saw, but a single-man timber saw. My chainsaw is always crapping out.

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Aw man, now I want to live in a tree and have my own peregrine falcon again!


Youtube needs a playback speed faster than 2x.

Great film, as I skipped from part to part.


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