Hand-making 1,000 pencils from pallet wood

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I was told that no single person could make a pencil.


If he’s tossing his pencils about like it shows in the video, he’ll shatter the lead in them. Anyone who regularly uses a pencil will remember the infuriating nature of the pencil that you sharpen, until the end of the lead falls out, then you sharpen it again, until the next quarter inch falls out, until you realise the pencil is a dud and get rid of it. Don’t throw your pencils about. It does them no good at all.


It’s too bad he’s made murder pencils.

They have been crafted from the most deadly substance in the world, pallet wood.

These pencils will only cause heartbreak and sadness as anyone who uses them and all those they’ve ever known or loved will die; terribly painful, drawn-out deaths.

This has to be in violation of some Geneva Convention

Luckily he happens to have a 1000 of them on hand, so if a few of them have a broken lead, it isn’t much of a problem.

The snarky part of my brain says Congratulations, Leonard E. Read, you’ve discovered cause and effect.


I thought he was going to make the leads as well.

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Just because you have a lot of something, does not mean you should carelessly waste some.

Wooden pallete
Wooden palette

One is a platform made of wood used to hold and move goods.
The other is a series of uninspiring color choices.

But which is which?

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