Beloved metal-body Rotring 600 mechanical pencil on sale

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The best pencil ever made. I’ve been using them for the past 17 years. I’m currently on my second :slight_smile:
The matching brass fountain pen is pretty awesome, too.

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How does this compare to the kurutoga? I’ve been loving mine for the past few years.


So wooden pencils and crayons don’t work anymore?
Why use these tools anymore when cartoons are online?

Good point. Well, llamas and french fries are oblique to the cellophane portal, anyway, as Miss Mumps has already pointed out.

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And the tactile feel of writing with their nano diamond leads is also lovely.

Did you meet Flossy lately?

Nooooo, they were banned, didn’t you hear? And because they’re not protected under the second amendment, the government will be coming round to collect yours shortly.
Just put any wooden pencils, (or DeathStix as we must call them now) outside your front door, and then lie on the floor with your hands over your head.
Thank you for your compliance citizen.

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