Artwork critical of police upsets public officials

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I’m sure these officials would be more comfortable with Socialist Realism or Nazi kitsch art. Or maybe black velvet paintings of celebrities. Nothing too controversial or that questions the state’s exercise of its monopoly on violence, dontchaknow.


A non-flattering depiction of law enforcement at an exhibition of street art? Well I never.


Do the Warner Bros. lawyers have an opinion on the eerie likeness between the police pigs and Porky?

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“If he was trying to create a dialog about an issue, I think it was lost” the mayor says into the newstation microphone, the irony totally lost on him.


"Its not good taste in a man like me,
Said John D.s grandson Nelson,
To question an artists integrity
Or mention a practical thing like a fee,
But I know what I like to a large degree,
Tho art I hate to hamper;
For twenty-one thousand conservative bucks
You painted a radical. I say shucks,
I never could rent the offices -
The capitalistic offices.
For this, as you know, is a public hall
And people want doves, or a tree in fall
And tho your art I dislike to hamper,
I owe a little to God and Gramper.

And after all,
It’s my wall . . .

“We’ll see if it is”, said Rivera."*

– E.B. White, I Paint What I See

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