Student painting depicting police office as pig pulled from art show at government building

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The student should sell the piece. It is really well done and the backstory of it being taken out of a show makes it even more interesting.


Maybe Lt. Dan Hils should be disappointed in the accuracy of the painting and that the perception of the police as pigs exists because that’s what people see.


Yeah, the cops wouldn’t be so silly as to ask that the artist’s painting be taken down…if they’re going to go for it, they’re going to plant-drugs-and-shoot go for it.


I blame the influence of Richard Scarry.



It is fairly offensive to pigs, which are intelligent, gentle, friendly little animals. What animal would want to be associated with the cops? There must be some extremely aggressive violent, nasty animal out there that would be a better stand-in. A crocodile, maybe? “Croc” even sounds like “cop”… so there’s that.


Typical police response. Instead of “we need to do better” their take is " disappointed that there is youth that believe that of police officers"
If you want to change the youths beliefs, stop the extra-judicial murders, cover-ups of criminal cops, and abuses of authority.

I hope you never encounter one in the wild. In a non-domestic environment they are vicious, murderous, and without mercy.


This just proves that art pisses people off.

Keep making art young one- it works.

Beware of anyone for any reason who takes down art because it offends them. That is usually or often enough the purpose of art- to make you feel something. Often, to provoke or question.

If you’re not prepared to question the world around you you’re not prepared to experience art I would argue. If you’re afraid of different opinions than your own you probably shouldn’t go to an art show Mr. Cop.


Beat me to it. This reminds me of something Michael Moore said about Trump supporters. Basically, he is an obvious and overt racist, so if you still support him you are racist. He then went on to say that people who are offended by him saying that should be offended more by the fact that they’re fucking racists in the first place. Don Lemon kept trying to get him to walk it back, but he refused. Reminded me why I respected him in the first place.


I would love to know what the reaction would be from the same cop if it was just a normal cop with a human head up there with all those terrible headlines in the background.


I also hope I never encounter a cop in the wild. That sounds awful.


Paging Saint Barbara…


“Pigs see us as equals. I like pigs.”

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Shiiiit, I’ve got some of those… you buyin’.

So tempting…


Maybe it was the Fraternal Order of Pigs that asked for it to be removed.


And this Little Piggy cried, “Wee, wee, wee” all the way home.


Says someone who never had to deal with an angry one.


Didn’t even have to be a cop who quietly protested - could’ve been any pro-police, radicalized family associate.

On my community’s Facebook group (yeah, I know, boo), we had one resident who was the wife of a local cop. Whenever anyone made a comment about anything that even slightly disparaged authority figures, much less police, she’d show up in a raging paragraphs-long tirade on the inviolability of her husband, emergency services, and police in general, insisting on apologies, restitution, and consequences. Eventually, unable to influence the mods to boot her perceived detractors, she rage-quit after a particularly cohesive clutch of commenters stood up to her.

That’s the sort of person I’d guess might complain about this sort of artwork.

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Apart from “the pigs” being slang for the police, does the animal symbolize anything specific? Or just a general negative opinion of cops?