Student painting depicting police office as pig pulled from art show at government building


Stupidity repeats itself:


It fits, though.

They fit the whole “inoffensive and intelligent” as long as you never do¹ anything to piss them off. But if you’ve ever seen, or worse, been the target of one enraged…

¹ For some, “existing” may be sufficient to provoke. Thus why large swathes of the population were never taken in by the façade.


Any angry animal is unpleasant to deal with. I grew up on a fairly large “hobby farm” – at various times, we had goats, chickens, a horse, geese, over 50 sheep… and yes, a very large, opinionated pig. Of all of them, I think the geese were the worst tempered, followed by the goats, who were lovely little animals, but rambunctious and prone to head-butting.

I’ve known people who hate dogs and cats, because they had an early encounter with an angry one. Yep, an angry dog is something you have to watch out for. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not an intelligent, gentle, friendly little animal under non-angry circumstances.


And I have personally seen one throw a grown man standing on a couple hundred pounds of hay bales several feet through the air, bales and all.

Geese are vicious, no doubt. They are strong enough to hurt you. A pissed off pig, on the other hand can and will do more than mere hurt. A goose will stop at a barrier. A pig will go straight through it.


So, we need to domesticate cops?




Deputy Dan Has No Friends

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I actually like margarine better. Can I get some that go through bone like margarine?

Back in the days when many families kept a pig out of necessity, they were well known to injure, kill, and even eat unattended children. Piglets are cute and friendly. Pigs are big enough and smart enough that they are a real danger.
If anything the artist flattered their subject by using the cute piglet image.

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I have mixed feelings about this. This kid has the right to voice their opinion about what they see law enforcement as. I will respect law enforcement until I am given a reason why I shouldn’t. I can’t believe I got away with this shenanigan - one year in my small Catholic high school we had to dissect fetal pigs. Being the snotty punk teen that I was, my lab partner and I decided to name our pig Officer Smith (not real name) after the cops (fuck the pigs!) and our school art teacher that I hated. We got totally got away with it and no one ever questioned us. I still feel a little ashamed for doing that now that I am an adult.

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When I was 17 I was pulled over for speeding (I was). I was also mildly stoned and tripping on acid. A light wind would have probably been enough to find additional drugs. Also, since my RX-7 only had 2 seats, there were 3 additional teenagers in the “visible” trunk area beside the person in the passenger seat.

The officer said I looked like a nice kid and so just gave me a verbal warning for speeding.

Everytime I see another person of color has been shot/killed by a cop I think of that day and recognize that if I wasn’t white, that day would have gone very differently for me.


Why so offended? The artist even went the “cute pet pig” route instead of “disgusting slobbering hog”.

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It’s my piece. Contact me for a print of the piece,


Contact me for prints. I made the piece.

Police everywhere, justice nowhere.
This sounds a bit Orwellian to me.

To apply for a Temporary Permit to Display Material Disrespectful Toward Authority (TPDMDTA) please submit your work and your completed application form to Authority for prior approval.

You can visit your Authority website for a list of pre-approved animals for the purposes of police personification.


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That’s your privilege at work; cherish it while it still lasts.


why? it was just a joke from a snotty punk teen over authoritarian figures. healthy and normal. theres nothing to be ashamed of.

As someone who has spent some time in pig facilities… Don’t trust the domesticated ones either. They’re smart, but pissy, will cannibalize if it suits them, and have been known to attack (and eat) their caretakers when feeling peckish.

Perhaps the PD is a little sensitive because of the accuracy of the portrayal?

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Honestly suprised no one has chipped in a Duke Nukem screenshot yet

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