I don't think the creator of this pro-policing political cartoon actually read "Frankenstein"

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i stopped reading political cartoons a few years ago. they simply stopped making any sense to me. i don’t know if the cartoonists’ politics changed, or mine did.


The Onion’s Stan Kelly spoiled me. If there’s no weeping Statue of Liberty in the background responding to what’s going on and if there’s no pun-ny title then conservative political cartoons just aren’t compelling to me anymore.


I’m on board with Frankenstein’s monster patrolling my neighborhood, just don’t let him run the fire department.


Suddenly occurred to me that cartoon is kind of racist – not that there are green people, but because it’s relying on appearance alone, and relies on a fleeting impression that a bit of thought refutes. Thus it’s relying on everybody just bailing out after that impression and never bothering to engage in that little bit of thought.


Or water rescue.


A lot of people are under the impression that police departments came into being in order to protect the public from criminals. In fact, they did a lot to protect criminals (or assumed criminals) from the public. Prior to the organization of police forces, the public took care of criminals (real or not) in its own way, usually with a shortage of due process and no shortage of finality.


Not that it signifies, but Ramirez, while a good cartoon artist, is nine out of ten on the wrong side (that is, to say the notably corporate right side) of any social issue.


Maybe he did read it and is making a really, really subtle statement.

Of course anyone perpetuating such memes just kick back the classic:

“Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”


Hang on. I read the original “Frankenstein” and seem to remember the reanimated man demanded another being like himself, and attempted to extort Dr. Frankenstein to build another by brutally killing off Victor’s loved ones.


American political cartoons strike me as incredibly lazy.

10 Come up with convoluted metaphor that supports your world view and denigrates the opposition
20 Draw crappy picture
30 Slap labels on EVERYTHING because without them, it’s totally meaningless and incomprehensible
40 GOTO 10

At least this guy can draw, I suppose, unlike Branco…


Also too: He’s probably the most racist mainstream editorial cartoonist.


I was about to say, I don’t think Thomas read it either.

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Are you kidding. My entire adult life is the police department failing at what I’d hope they’d accomplish. Frankensteins Monster would be an improvement.

  • Teens: I was a small town queer kid, and looked very punk in the 80s. One fo the small town cops decided to make it her mission to harass me. For five years I was stopped everywhere I went. Searched, pulled over, had my belongings tossed. I was a white queer kid that looked like a girl at the time. Hardly the stereotype of menacing. I had to sell my car and change my hair and stop wearing my leather jacket with dancing skulls on the back to stop getting pulled over. I had no police record, or any history of crime.
  • Age 20: I had a roommate of 2 weeks brought his family and literally took everything I owned out of my apartment and put it onto a truck in a long slow process. I was outnumbered, and called the cops. The police came, and then said there was nothing I could do, despite them stealing all of my stuff in front of the cops.
  • Age 20: While hitchhiking, a local cop in a small town in Oregon stopped us. They often stoop hitchhikers and do ID checks in case your bodies turn up. (Which is fair.) He got super weird, and tried to get me to give him a BJ, and I’d have probably had to do it except a state patrol guy swooped in, put us in the back of his car on “suspicion” of something. He told us there was no suspicion of anything, but he was not letting the small town sheriff do anything to us. I thought that guy was a hero, until decades later when I realized this is how bad apples continue to be the status quo in police department. He knew enough to act, but still didn’t do anything to report to get the guy out.
  • Age 38: I watched a literal gang member fight where close to ten men beat a man on the ground. I called the cops and told them not to show up to my door or mention who called because they were our downstairs neighbors. Guess who showed up loudly at my door and asked about the racially insensitive terms for the race of gang members below? We had to move. It was that bad afterwards. I have never ever called the cops on any situation ever again.
  • 39: My 80 year old landlord called the cops to come help her with meth heads breaking into one of the apartments on ground floor. They threatened to arrest her 4’8" tall hispanic self for threatening to take care of it herself. When they left I pulled out my tools and boarded up the window for her until her sons could come help her with a permanent solution. They pretty much laughed at an extremely elderly woman, and threatened her when she said she’d just get a shotgun to defend her and her tenants property. (Tenant was in jail, and phoned her about the situation asking to keep them out.)

I can easily imagine a world where there are better options than our current police system. I am white, and look cis male for all intents and purposes these days, and I still wouldn’t call the cops except as a last resort. Especially now that my wife and I are both clearly transgender? There’s no way. I’ll take Frankenstein’s monster. He has a better track record.


Ramirez’s cartoons consistently piss me off with their blatant stupidity. He thinks he’s clever, but he’s far from it, and I, sadly, love to hateread his stuff.

Anyway, who wouldn’t want this guy patrolling their streets?


In a way he did.



There is a collection of some of Ramirez’s cartoons with appropriate interpretations here:

Suffice to say, no, he did not read the book.


“I expected this reception,” said the daemon. “All men hate the wretched; how, then, must I be hated, who am miserable beyond all living things!”


You win.


He drew “neckbolts” instead of electrodes. Need I say more?