As bacteria build fortresses, scientists seek weak points for attacks

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Bacteria as prokaryotes. All living organisms on Earth are made up of one of two basic types of cells: eukaryotic cells, in which the genetic material is enclosed within a nuclear membrane, or prokaryotic cells, in which the genetic material is not separated from the rest of the cell.

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Yea, I played SimEarth too. But it worries me to think I, too, am a colony of cells. Any universal biofilm killer might just unzip all my cells too, and then where would we be?

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Bacterial + Biofilm + Catheter = Repulsed Shudder.

I had GI surgery and had to wear a catheter for a week. The thought of a UTI on top of that…

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You are both a colony of cells and the host of several other colonies of cells on you and in you.
And the guests outnumber the hosts.
Basically, we are just mobile organic bioreactors.

Form follows function. Or stress patterns. This is something a structural engineer can learn from.

And they can influence our behavior too so we’re just glorified Uber drivers for bacteria

Pretty sure most of the non-human cells residing in my 100% definitely very human body aren’t stuck in biofilms. The ones that are are the ones trying to hurt me, in ways I as a real human who eats bread can be hurt.

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While most research in biofilms has focused on harmful ones, that may not be reflective of reality. It is beginning to look like a lot of our commensal bacteria in our gut are in biofilms, for example.

Well I guess as a human that would make a lot of sense in my human body.

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