Researchers encoded a film clip in DNA and store it inside a living cell


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E Coli? So all the movies will be, well, you know.


And I always thought the bio-neural gel packs on ST Voyager were BS - turns out they will be made from BS.


So once we differentiate all of the functional vs non-functional DNA information in a human cell and decode the secret message embedded in our very makeup, will it say DRINK MORE OVALTINE?


“Made by Acme BioCorp - Good things are Evolving with Acme! This code is shareware and may be used for free for noncommercial use, but please include this byline in the comments. Love, luck, and lollipops - Team Acme.”

  1. Awesome.

  2. And still no cure for cancer.


Viral video??


Time to add a second dictionary definition


This is going to be way embarrassing for humanity when, say, a Benny Hill clip encoded in DNA escapes the lab and then kills 1/3 of the population because it also accidentally encodes for some super-ebola plague.


Yeah, but at least Yakety Sax will be playing as we die horrible deaths.

That shit makes anything funny.


I made a shitty comic about this…

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