The case for storing digital data in DNA


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I saw a movie about this…



interesting alternative to cloud storage of photos and videos. Encode them in DNA of a virus and infect all your friends and family!


So it’s not that we’re living in a computer simulation, we’re all just some god’s porn collection :open_mouth:


I can imagine when the digital data stored on DNA crosses over and becomes alive. And I will call it FRANKENDATA!!!


Storing data in DNA is a fascinating idea but it will not be practical or economic for decades. For a detailed analysis of the prospects by someone whose funding does not depend upon hyping the technology see DNA’s Niche In The Storage Market.


The problem is reading the data. If it takes a day or two to get your data, it’s not going be very popular.


Maybe for backups and archives. Maybe. The data density is interesting, but adding a, for lack of a better word, biological level seems a bit unwieldy and will come with its own set of additional problems.

BTW, still waiting for that holographic storage memory which was supposed to solve all our problems.


Sure, let’s use a molecule with a demonstrated tendency to mutate when read or copied as a digital data storage solution. What could possibly go wrong?


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