As crypto wars begin, FBI silently removes sensible advice to encrypt your devices

Please try to notice that I attacked an idea and not you personally. Try to understand the difference next time.

Says Cowicide making a snarky, condescending, personal swipe.

Get over yourself, please.

You’re not being clever at this point, just annoying. If you have personal problems with me personally, you can PM me any time and we can hopefully hash it out there. If you want to make this thread about you, then perhaps start a new thread dedicated to yourself and/or the travesty of Cory Doctorow headlines you dislike and/or how big, bad and mean Cowicide is.

Funny how you didn’t PM this to me but say that I should PM you to keep this off line.

i thought this worthy of a post at my new blog, in the tradition of Russ Kick’s Memory Hole but rustling every format possible to the defense of all-too-ephemeral links:

FBI Removes Public Endorsement Of Encryption From Website

Blog is called “Minus102” because 404 minus 102 is 301: file found.

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