As promised, YouTubers deleted their channel 'Unus Annus' exactly one year after starting

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My two teenage kids were totally into Unus Annus, and they stayed up until 2AM last Friday night to watch the finale live. I do have to say the black/white theme for their merchandise was pretty cool, I ended up getting some shirts and stuff from them for my kids.

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What’s that, a channel dedicated to bad Latin?

annus singulus sounds much more correct to my ears. Though I haven’t studied any Latin in more than a decade.

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My touchstone for Latin grammar is always Cicero, so if it’s good enough for him…

Itaque una lex, unus vir, unus annus non modo nos illa miseria ac turpitudine liberavit, sed etiam effecit, ut aliquando vere videremur omnibus gentibus ac nationibus terra marique imperare.


Can’t argue with that, I suppose

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