Ashley Madison planned a "What's your Wife Worth?" app

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Doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg have a patent on that idea?


How is this different from hot-or-not? The wholly fictional price tag?

It would have been so much more interesting if they had opened a site called “What’s your Life Worth?” Oh wait. They did!


So you put a dollar value on someone else’s wife based on her appearance. How is that amount determined? Is it what you would be willing to pay to visit her if she were an escort? Because that’s really, really disturbing if so. I mean, the app was already disturbing just by itself, but adding in this “escort” idea makes me squirm, and I’m not the squirmy type at all…


What’s the douche-bag-ery(?) equivalent of “violent people dying violently”?

S#itty people being s#itty?

I’m starting to see where the initial threat came from - the one that demanded ALM shut down some of their sites to stave off the data dump.

In the end, I think Begbie (Robert Carlyle) in Trainspotting describes ALM best when he said “I knew that c#nt was gonnae fsk some c#nt some day”.

At this rate it won’t be long before life impersonates Monty Python.


Makes you wonder who’s behind some of the blackmail attempts? ALM?

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I 'm not gloating about all the people whose information was leaked. People cheat (or fantasize about cheating) for all sorts of reasons. I’m gloating about the fact that such a shitty company got its comeuppance.


The funny thing is they could just make it a static image that says “Far more than you are or ever will be” and it would be true 100% of the time.


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