Giant dump of data purports to be from


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Didn’t we just see a giant dump earlier today?


I am so tempted to download it and search for the names of coworkers. An in-laws.

But that would be Wrong.

But I think I’ll do it.


set up a website with a simple query interface, please.


Oh my god oh my god oh my god…

I mean… oh… wow, what an interesting article, of no particular relevance.


And log the searches… :slight_smile:


Notify folks via Facebook when you find them with a post to their timeline, and if they have a listed spouse, theirs too!


Don’t forget LinkedIn!


I only read Ashley Madison for the articles.


10GB would be about right for a complete copy of the 40 million user database, assuming only minimal profile details are included. If so, it would be interesting to see how many of those “40 million users” were inactive or fake accounts (Dating sites have a history of populating their user database with staff-generated accounts for nonexistent female members to improve the male to female ratio)

Given the target demographic and the need for a credit card, probably safe to assume that many, if not most, accounts showing a credit card payment are linked, at least in the payment record, with the correct name of the subscriber.


I just like singing along to the ad’s song on the TV while sitting in bed with the wife late at night.


Assuming it’s legit, the best thing to come out of this will be the Family Values politicians and religious leaders. You know they’re in here. We can argue about whether to feel bad for your normal every day adulterers, but I think Cosby Rule applies full on for these raging hypocrites, at least the ones dumb enough to sign up.


Another interesting thing from this dump - apparently 90-95% of the ‘wives’ are fake, created by AM to make it seem like there are a lot more women then there are, and there’s even a lawsuit about this. So like any other dating site.


No kidding, why would anybody give real info to a site like that?!? You know it’s going to get cracked or leaked at some point.


Doesn’t sound too encouraging for the less socially gifted ones.


The dating site for people wanting to cheat on their spouses was breached last month.

Let me correct that for you: “The dating site for legally matching men with local prostitutes was breached last month.”


I feel like that whenever I visit my physician.


That the doctor is going to tell you that something is cracked or leaking?



(Don’t know if you won the Internet, but you definitely won this thread! :):):):slight_smile:


I tell him about my giant dump, and he says I may have a virus.