Mystery twitterer linked to Ashley Madison dump


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And not even that, in many cases.


…a new theory about who may have hacked the site, which does not actually help arrange extramarital affairs.



So how does this explain (Your comment about the users, who reasonably expected privacy as promised) the men who have written in various places about how the site was beneficial and worked well, or the women who have posted the same things as far as their reasons to use the service?

You seem rather dismissive of many of the users, IMHO.


I am looking forward to dragging @briankrebs to court, amigo.

Judging by his level of maturity, Krebs must have threatened to call his parents.


Bring all that evidence and proof and we can have a public dialogue.
— Thadeus Zu (@deuszu)

Yea… that screams guilt Rob.


I have seen, at most dozens, of these anecdotes.

The data dump has 39 million usernames. If Ashley Madison was 99% scam, that still leaves nearly 400,000 “satisfied” customers to generate anecdotes.

Indeed, the highest profile victim thus far, Josh Duggers, has admitted to commercially acquiring sex throuh more tradition channels, and to using Ashley Madison, but has not claimed to have found sex on Ashley Madison.


Shouldn’t someone who uses Twitter like this be called a twit, instead?


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