Ashley Madison's founding CTO claimed he hacked competing dating site

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I keep wanting to feel the outrage that my friend Internets says I should feel about the whole AM thing.

But the schadenfreude tastes so damn good!

And I do feel for the folks who are living healthy swinging/open/other lives who’ve been exposed to colleagues and such.

But these guys. I don’t weep for them.


You told these guys that you are cheating on your wife. And you gave them your MasterCard number.


Techie nouveau riche scumbags from top to bottom, stay classy folks!


Biderman? His name is Biderman! Well I won’t take the word of a Biderman, ever!

Oh, yeah, fuck the guys who set the site up. I’ve got sympathy for some of the others, but not for them.

Enh. We all take a similar risk any time we send an email or a text message with private information in it. It’s easy to laugh at folks after the fact, but most of us still do fundamentally trust the security of the Internet even when we should really know better by now.


I just heard about this:


This is my surprised face.


Okay, so if you’re planning to discuss nefarious deeds with your super-villain boss, DO NOT USE EMAIL. In fact, don’t even use paper. In the movies, they always sit on a park bench with adorable kids all around. The kids won’t rat you out, and their squeaks and gibbers confuse the parabolic microphones.


If this were a thing, it would be a glorious thing.

Link kids who want to see other parents with grownups who can’t have kids? Advise in how to deal with the offspring from your little something on the side? The possibilities are endless!

Quick! Somebody throw some VC at this.


I might know some interested angels, but they’d want to see a working backend first. :smile:

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The people I know, insecurity could be a big part of the business model.

I see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know which is worse - the fact that all these “social media” guys seem to be so utterly unpleasant, from Zuckerberg down (or up, depending on your POV) or that people are actually prepared to give them information, whereas if they knew them IRL they wouldn’t even tell them the time in case it got used against them somehow.


Those aren’t the people using AM, though - there are other sites for that.

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Here’s a GQ article from two years before the leak about the women of Ashley Madison. One of the ladies they interviewed “has don’t-ask, don’t-tell permission to frolic with other lovers from her ‘nerd’ husband of nearly two decades, with whom she has several children”, and “if her identity were somehow unmasked, it could torpedo her high-powered career”. So she’s fucked if anyone thinks to search for her email.

Certainly swingers/polyamorists/etc. have their own cultures and their own sites, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who gets permission to fool around chooses those sites, or chooses to identify with those cultures specifically. They may not be the majority on Ashley Madison, but they are there.

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I’m suspicious of all the stories by supposed users at this point, given that it turns out the site was 99.9(etc)% men, and the whole thing was operating basically as a scam to string men along into paying fees for as long as possible. (Though that one interview sounds plausible - it doesn’t sound like an open relationship, though, it sounds like her husband is in denial.) AM wasn’t set up for swingers/etc., it was explicitly set up (in theory) for affairs - there are other websites devoted specifically to open relationships.

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“Don’t ask don’t tell” is not an uncommon setup for mono/poly relationships. Some folks aren’t appalled by their partner fooling around, they just find it somewhat distasteful and don’t want to hear the details any more than they want to know about your latest bowel movement.

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