"Ask Croz," life advice from David Crosby

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When I was in high school, as brief as that was, Crosby was invited to speak on campus as part of a ‘Scare kids out of doing drugs’ program. He told a story so amazing I decided to try acid.


life advice from David Crosby?



I read his autobiography, was it “Long time Gone”?

It was about the most depressing book I read. Some success and then a long stretch in graphic detail where he’s doing nothing but drugs. He’s rich, and wastes it all, losing just about everything.

I lost interest at that point. He lost his chance, and his fame since has nothing to do with music.

But he turns 80 later thus year.

And according to wikipedia, one of the kids he supplied the sperm for died at 21 to an opioid overdose.

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I’m really enjoying the music Crosby and his band are making today. Not everybody will, i suppose; my wife doesn’t, for instance. But it’s worth trying.


Hey, it’s better than listening to Neil Young!


I agree, these were shockingly good. All the advice was decent.


Q: After a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse that destroyed your liver despite warnings from doctors, family, and friends, what’s your secret to longevity?

A: Jump the queue for a new liver. Be famous and have a rich famous friend who helps you jump ahead in the queue before far more deserving common people.


Just out of interest, how did that go for you?

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I dunno, this works for me and there are enough comedic moments for it to be entertaining. Doesn’t have to be Seinfeld and he comes up with some surprisingly thoughtful advice. I just put him up a peg.

I’ll let you know when I come down.

I was actually impressed. He admits his flaws and tackles some tough topics. His advice seems pretty off the cuff, too.

His segment is a pretty good quarantine depression buster.

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