Assange to sue Ecuador


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Cristo, qué gilipollas.



Ecuador: Julian, you have to clean your litter box yourself.



I wonder who Assange will sue when they kick his ass out to the curb. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Jeez.



What a dumbass; it’s not like he’s physically in the country of Ecuador… all they have to do is put his ass out on the street, and he’s toast…



I’m agog to find out in which court Assange plans to sue Ecuador.

I mean, if he sues Ecuador in Ecuador, you usually need the state’s permission to sue them. “Permission denied. Next!”


Man, what a shit show. I have mixed feelings about the whole wikileaks things. I guess overall it’s good for getting some info out there. but Assange is pretty much a dick.


“WikiLeaks lawyer Baltasar Garzon is in Ecuador to launch the case, which the Press Association reports is expected to be heard in court next week.”

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I read that as “Battlestar Garzon”, which sounds like a pretty bad-ass lawyer…



Well, to be fair, the original sounds pretty bad-ass, too. Unfortunately, “Julian Assange” increasingly sounds like a whiny-ass name. :-/



“and if your friend can’t dance…”


Baltasar…? Battlestar…? I give you Baltar:



This will end well.


It speaks volumes to me that Edward Snowden went far out of his way to avoid using that software when he spilled his beans. Assange undeniably did the world a service by creating the software originally, but he vastly overrated his own importance in that event… now I mostly hear Wikileaks as the punchline to a joke.

The software infrastructure used by those media outlets is turning out to be far more critical than what’s used by the sources themselves, and theres already a tradition in journalism that the messenger should not become the story.

I find I dont much care what happens to him at this point.


I heard they reset the WiFi password to “Assangeisadouchebag” too.