Assange weasels out of pledge to surrender if Manning received clemency





Weasel’s gonna weasel, it’s his nature.









I really should read the comments before posting.




Doesn’t clemency mean the state would admit that no crime happened in the first place? Isn’t that rather different from the state maintaining that a crime was still committed but that the prisoner may be released early?

Also ‘as soon as may’, ‘may be released’ etc. Sounds like the weaselling was already in place?

Sorry to muss up the place with discussion though, let me see if I can find an appropriate jif.


I can’t figure out if it would be really stupid to surrender himself to a Trump administration…or if he would get a cabinet position. Trump is so all over the map on the Russian hack, who knows what he would to to such an inconvenient public reminder.


Clemency is a broad term that can cover a range of actions ranging from something as major as a pardon to something as minor as waiving a fine. Commutation of a sentence, as happened here, is considered to fall under the umbrella of clemency.


No, that would be pardon.


It’ll be nice when they rescind the total dollar value of Assange’s crime.



Formally clemency means the gov’t gives you some degree of reprieve after sentencing. Could be full pardon, reduced sentence, commutation, or even just a deferred sentence. So this was a form of clemency.


We can discuss the meaning of words till the cows come home. What do we think Assange meant?