Assistant Principal fired for reading children's book about butts to children

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OMG, This is so off topic, but that reminds me of my days on construction sites when, if someone was showing crack, some guy (it was almost all guys) with a caulk gun would “caulk that crack.”
So gross, but also really cut down on the asses hanging out.


It would be great uf every single admunistrator, teacher and support staff would all read this book aloud in support

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Speaking as someone whose inner child is never far from the surface…

Either the superintendent (a) has forgotten what is is like to be a child so much that they should not be in charge of the education of children; or (b) the are not human so they should not qualified in charge the education of children; or (c, and to me most alien of all) they know what it is like to be a child but they deny it, which case they really should not be trusted with anything to do with children at all.


Further further disclosure - The author of this story has a butt.


To me the superintendent sounds like just another of the “old fashioned values” people who draw lines based on both age and gender. I was surrounded by these [often] well-meaning folk as a kid and I thank them for a lifelong screwed-up relationship with the human body. The rule was that certain parts of the body were not to be discussed before children. The closer those parts were to having a sexual connection the more stringent the ban on talking about them: “bottoms” discussed occasionally, penises almost never, and vaginas–uh, what is a vagina anyway? This was all done in the interests of protecting fragile, innocent children from…something.

At some arbitrary point males were elevated status and learned they could joke about butts and ogle boobs, but only amongst other male adults, of course. Women, it was presumed, never ever talked about such stuff–man talk!–and were expected to police body topics around the children even more aggressively than the men. Ah, the good old days.

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There was never a time when butts weren’t absolutely the funniest! OMG lighten up, you Quaint Dimwits of the American South!!!

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