Asst. police chief awarded $1.52 million for hanging Nazi symbol on office door

Real Unions are great. Police Unions are the WORST. Protecting the worst officers, at all costs.


Cops in Kent

Boyz on the Hood in Kent


As a fossilized resident of Seattle i get a brief blather on this

The moral of the story is that white supremacists in the police force now have an easy way to make a quick million bucks — at least for those who live in Washington state.

nah… that’s a moral, but not the moral to this smelly little story. This is a classic case of lawyers, and panicky politicians and legal maneuvers winning their client’s case on a technicality. And that’s all wadded-up under sentences like these:

The city’s attempt to essentially discipline Kammerzell a second time led to a dispute between his lawyers and the city that appeared headed for litigation. But interim city Chief Administrative Officer Arthur “Pat” Fitzpatrick, who is also the city attorney, said Friday the city had resolved the matter through negotiation…

Essentially this @#$ jerk won a too-@#$-big award because there was multiple conflicting actions made against him. He won because one political officer did one thing to him and then later another did something which made the previous action an actionable breach of ‘contract’


I’ve live most of my life outside of a larger metro area, so I always just say “outside of_”.


They could save a wad of cash by convincing the police to just pretend Kammerzell is a black person selling loose cigarettes…


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I know that a lot of department’s uniform policies are reasonably fiddly about acceptable rank insignia; I’m a trifle surprised that a heavily procedural defense didn’t run into more trouble not because he was acting like a nazi; but because he was acting like a nazi well above his rank in the department.


Time for a coworker to sue him for $1.53M for creating a hostile work environment?


And they drain big cities of funds that would be much better used elsewhere. Ex: NYC. Talk about gold-plated retirement packages. Complete 20 years of service; get 50% of salary pension.

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Fuckin Auburn. Nobody likes Auburn.

Edit: And let’s not forget Wally’s Proud Boy Chowder House just down the way in Buckley.

Edit 2: the hits just keep on coming. A father and two sons in Puyallup, who all work for the government btw, were just arrested for Jan 6. Maybe Tahoma could do us all a favor and blow already.

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i don’t see that firing would be a conflicting action from suspension in any sort of logical sense. firing is a pretty reasonable extension of suspension. look, we might need to do something about you, go away for a while. okay, now don’t come back

maybe the union contact says differently. but it seems it’d be worth it in the long run to contest that if so.


I wonder how long that plaque was there before anyone noticed?
It seems almost like truth in advertising.

Seems like the city attorney should have been able to prevent this fiasco from happening in the first place.

Too bad they didn’t demand to have a swastika cut into the Nazis forehead.

Two words: stolen valor

I think the problem here is that the suspension wasn’t a “you’re suspended while we consider what else to do/investigate” but a “here is your punishment - you’re going on unpaid leave for x weeks”.

Then later, they decided “Actually, you’re fired”.

They should have just fired him in the first place rather than give him a initial slap on the wrist, then fired him.


This is how I know America is fucked.

This may be flippant, but how much irony is in the name of this $%#@, er gentleman. His name translates into “cell chamber” from German. Did he have it legally changed? Or did he just pick his Nazi ideology to match his name? One wonders…

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my point was that firing is not incompatible with suspension. if they had given him a big bonus or a promotion and then fired him: that would be incompatible.

i do understand that it isn’t fair for an employer to come back ten years later and say, remember that stapler you stole that we made you pay us back for? you’re fired. this isn’t that. ( oto, life isn’t fair and most employers can actually do exactly that. they don’t even need a reason at all. )


Well, it kinda is. It’s an employer telling an employee, “You did something wrong. This is the punishment we are imposing. That is the end of the matter.”

And then imposing another penalty.

Regardless, I’m pretty sure that there was some middle ground available between, “oh, dear, we can’t do anything” and “we have to pay him $1.52 million dollars to go away”.

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