Astounding game-tokens from Cthulhu Wars, the $1.4M kickstarted board-game


Let me guess: you win if you’re last to be eaten.

i would buy that game just for the pieces.

I’d LOVE to see the making of those pieces. Many are WAAAAAAAY too complex for standard injection molding. 3-D printed on a high-resolution commercial solid printer ???

Puts me in mind of the holographic chess game in “Star Wars.”
(Hey, has anyone created a videogame version of that?)

I was actually a playtester for this game. It is really fun and the figs are very, very cool. But lawdy is it expensive. Especially when you get into the expansions, etc.

Designed by Sandy Petersen, who contributed to (among other games) Call of Cthulhu, Doom, and Age of Empires.

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Holy shit, I want this! Will it be available for non-backers?

Which, of course, REQUIRES the linkage of the Cthulhu Chick Tract.

So. . . here we go. . .

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