In R'lyeh FlapThulhu lies flapping


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It needs to go mobile!


But what about the KSP inspired one? That deserves a mention too!

I didn’t see the “L” in “flapping” at first. Needless to say, that generated some rather horrifying mental imagery.



Hey, I know that guy! Thanks for reminding me to ask him about one other unfinished game.

That which has been seen by the mind’s eye cannot be unseen. Even if you gouge out your brain, still you will see…

~runs off, shrieking~

In semi-related news, the good people at Horror in Clay who did the Cthulhu Tiki mug have a new design being kickstarted:

[full disclosure: I know said good people behind Horror in Clay]

edit: looks like URL ended up being automunged into the video, here’s the direct link:

https: //

Looks like you finally pissed off the one true god(Cthulhu Fhtagn)

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