Wicked Witch is an 8-bit Flappy Bird demake with style


PS Hate to be that guy, but I wouldn’t mind an actual ZX Spectrum demake instead of “in the style of”

This Flappy Bird clone isn’t like the others! It has retro pixel graphics.

Interesting note: For a “ZX Spectrum-style” demake, it sure is trying hard to look like the Commodore 64 version (and not the Spectrum version) of Cauldron.

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Slightly OT, but I learnt the other day that Chris Roberts of Wing Commander/Star Citizen fame started out creating BBC Micro games, like Stryker’s Run.

Maybe everyone already knew that. But I thought it was interesting.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if the dev here is making a comment on the original. Kotaku infamously accused Flappy Bird of plagiarising the pipes from Super Mario, and there was rather a flap when someone actually compared them side-by-side and noted they they were not, in fact, the same green pipes. The moon and witch sprites in Wicked Witch are not ripped from Cauldron, but the creator clearly had Cauldron in mind when making them.

It’s especially weird because there was a Spectrum version of Cauldron, but the witch in that one was a solid light blue, because the Spectrum can’t do multicolor sprites like the C64 can. You couldn’t actually make a game that looks like this on the Spectrum.

Thanks, Doc…

A specific writer at Kotaku, with other writers there subsequently disagreeing. Kotaku is responsible for publishing him, but what it publishes isn’t necessary the collective or editorial position of the mag/site/newspaper.

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