Astronomers unofficially designate a David Bowie constellation


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There is also an unrelated petition to “Rename planet Mars after David Bowie.”

“Men are from Bowie, Women are from Venus” just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well.


What will happen to Holst’s The Planets? I can imagine the God of War will not be pleased.


Some people need to check their hero worship a bit. This is a bit much.


I know, right? I mean, I can see some fans asking their astronomer friends to pick a few stars that might line up in the form of an unofficial and non-sanctioned David Bowie constellation, but now they want their “constellation” to be unofficially unrecognized by the international body that names constellations? Too far! NOW THEY’VE GONE TOO FAR.


Too far? I found a constellation that looks just like Chuck Pahlaniuk - does that mean I can’t get it in the Catalog of Unrecognized Constellations?

Hey… that would make a good magical-realist novel.


What, so Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Bowie then?


“Is there life on Boooooooooooooooowie”

Yeah, that’s a bit awkward.


I suspect someone will probably name a feature on Mars for him, though, if one doesn’t already exist.


Settle down. I’m not outraged. I just think they should ease off the guy’s shaft a bit. You’d do well to consider that advice yourself, ya wingnut.

Bowie fans are spazzy and overzealous. You all started crying, hugging and naming stars when you got word. Glad nobody named any stars after Lemmy.


I[quote=“Nonentity, post:2, topic:72362”]
Men are from Bowie, Women are from Venus" just doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as well.

I think we should get with the program and number our Planets.

Women are from “Sol 2”, men are from “Sol 4”.


Being judged is my favorite thing. And if I were a nut, it’d be a large castellated nut that would allow a properly sized cotter pin. Besides that, how do you know which musical artists I like? Oh, wait, you don’t know jack shit about me, that’s right, but do feel free to write down that castellated nut bit above.

Yes, if only Bowie fans would change their fanship to someone you approve of, like, apparently, Lemmy. Oh, and thanks for the implication that Bowie fans are all “crying, hugging, and naming stars”. Perhaps you’d like to shift straight to calling Bowie fans limp wristed faggots who ease onto the phallic shafts of men in makeup?


You assume because I think that Bowie-level hero worship is silly and overzealous that I think you are all “limp-wristed faggots”? Who presumes to know anything about whom? I’m more enlightened than all that, thank you very much. I liken Bowie fans more to drama kids in high school. Fun to be around, but you wouldn’t want to get drunk with them.


[quote=“Duderino, post:13, topic:72362”]
You assume because I think that Bowie-level hero worship is silly and overzealous that I think you are all “limp-wristed faggots”?[/quote]

You appear to have answered that question yourself.


No, no naming of stars, because that would be stupid, he had nothing to do with space.

Lemmy is likely having a heavy metal element named after him.!/blogs/2016/1/Petition-launched-to-get-new-heavy-metal-element-named-after-Lemmy-Kilmister



Unfortunately that’s not likely to happen. The US, Russia and Japan get to choose the names, being the countries that discovered them. Lemmy is more a British icon.
Besides, there are rules to follow with naming new elements, before going for IUPAC approval.
Moscovium and Japonium are two likely contenders.


“In keeping with tradition, elements are named after a mythological concept or character (including an astronomical object); a mineral, or similar substance; a place or geographical region; a property of the element; or a scientist.”

So, wait: Russia and Japan are each given a historical opportunity to name an element and the best stem words each respectively could come up with are Moscow and Japan? Gads, these people are dull. Fine, as long we’re going for nationalistic/nativist names, why not:

Perun --> perunium
Rinzai --> rinzium


Sounds too much like perineum.


This was my reaction as well when I first typed it. I decided it would be an excellent object-lesson in correct spelling, as well as a little gift for future creative songwriters.