How to name an exoplanet, by XKCD


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We have an incoming transmission from 82 Eridani d!


You had me at “Sid Meier’s Tau Ceti B”.

How can one person think up so many puns and references, so often? I’m starting to think Randall Munroe is a codename for some sort of culturally sentient superorganism/collective.


I like these names, I hope they stick.


How unAmerican…shouldn’t they just auction off the naming rights? So that in 100 years people will be all “Who was Comcast and why is there a planet named after him?”


He had me at the SQL injection attack to drop the table of planets.


We call him “Bobby Planets”


I’m gonna write a sci-fi story about how a hibernation ship from Earth arrives at Kepler-62 only to discover the Spice planets already settled by humans using FTL centuries before.

The new arrivals can’t keep a straight face during diplomatic meetings resulting in interplanetary war. Ginger is ejected from orbit and flung out into space. Briefly, it’s inhabitants rally and enjoy the new freedom, only to slowly freeze to death in obscurity.

Eventually, a mission to bring Ginger back is launched and is successful. Kepler-62 enjoys a brief time of renewed glory before the star goes supernova.


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