Astronomy rugs

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If this is a 1m x 1.5m rug, that’s a cat-sized couch. Similarly, the very pretty woodcut area rug in the post is in reality about the width of a doorway, according to the specs.

So these folks are selling doormats by rendering them as area rugs. Cool, cool.

It looks more like the 1.2mx1.8m size. My couch that seats 3 is 70" wide, so the rug pictured above would look about like that.

And, assuming the wood rug pictured is the 120cm version, how many 4’ wide doorways do you have in your house?!

ETA: After reviewing the site, it’s run by Streetwise Mart, whose main website and Facebook page seem to be no longer existent. I’m also always wary of buying things site-unseen that ship from China, as these rugs seem to do (packet delivery takes 2-4 weeks), so I’ll be interested in hearing how Rob’s order turns out. I’m hoping for the best, because these would make great gifts!


“Europe Style”? What’s that?

I like the moon rug. I’m tempted to buy one. Problem is I’m running out of space for all the random internet things I bought over the years.

I understand you could have something similar in the 1960ies.
With a beige rug. And LSD.

Quick! For those of you that can’t make it to see the Aug 21 solar eclipse, but the moon rug and throw it over your face!

Like other posters, I’m curious how this actually turns out. By the time Rob’s order gets delivered, comments here will be closed. Hey, could you maybe do a followup post/review when it arrives?


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