At 50 years of age, my hips decided I should no longer drive a car

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It took me a few more years and bouts of sciatica to reach this point. What gets me after driving now is IT band and piriformis pain. :grimacing: Some of those exercises are like my PT versions (modified for back issues), but he had a couple of new ones I plan to try. Thanks!


I really need to do these and other excercises too. My left leg is shit and won’t get much better, but I’ve been having hip pain and not sure why. Stretches and other exercises I am sure would help - I need to just form a routine.


At 40, my spine has decided the same thing recently. I have to be that person and ask though, could the peloton be making it worse? (I’m not a bike person, but I would imagine having it adjusted just right for your body would be important?)

If it was not adjusted right, it could be the bike. However, it is not the source of my hip pain. Improperly doing pilates could also be the source; however, I believe I pay enough attention to my form and only go to guided courses – so probably not that either. Reading comments on the BBS could also be the cause. It is undoubtedly a pain elsewhere in the general region.

I think I am aging and things are going to hurt no matter how hard I try to not have them hurt.


I feel this all too well. And I swear it was like a switch labeled “Joint Pain” flipped when I turned 40.


Your hips are lying.

jlw’s hips dont lie


Thanks so much for posting this : ) I’ve recently decided to start working on this as well.

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I had both hips replaced in 2021 (6 months apart). I was able to do a horseback riding vacation in Iceland this year and I’m re-learning figure skating.

I tried PT for a long time and steroid injections for 3 years. I should have gone straight for the replacements!

@jlw maybe a chat with an orthopedist? You might save yourself a lot of pain in the long run.


Shake it, shake it on down.

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“…shaking that thing.”

The “clean” version was harder to find and the quality is meh - sorry.

Yup. It’s the birthday present from the universe you never asked for.


Manual transmission on short jaunts in the greater SoCal did a number on my back in my 40s, even with massive core strengthening. Using fully automatic cars made all the difference for both long and short trips and I’m 59.

I think @Malarkey might be on to something and perhaps you should see an orthopedic doctor. Not saying that you need surgery, but an orthopedic surgeon can pinpoint what the issue is. It could be tendinitis or some kind of inflammation that can be easily resolved. I also suggest an orthopedic doctor who also works with athletes.

Anecdotally, a podiatrist give me several injections in my foot for a weird pain (similar to Morton’s Neuroma) and it didn’t help. I went to a sports surgeon for a second opinion. He had the same MRI that the podiatrist had, but he determined that it was the joint of one toe that was causing an issue with my foot. One injection in the toe joint and I’ve been pain free since 2007.


God, Morton’s is fucking horrible. Mine went away when I started wearing army boots again instead of Converse.


i started bowling during the pandemic, and now a year or so later here i am in a winter league, and i noticed that after a friday night competing in league, then practice on saturday, by sunday my hip joints were just killing me. i am a bit nervous to find out what happens when snowboarding starts this year… three days in a row of leg- and hip-intensive stuff is going to leave me in pain on monday, i’m certain… i think i’ll watch these videos.

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Get a flat seat, not one with raised sides to suit the smallest of arses.

Hey, hope you are fine now. Video posted is quite useful for my exercises of knee too. My lower limb is affected badly in less age due to excess of sugar consumption. I am having medicines but knee & foot pain affect my driving too.

Both my ankles are toast from running, at first my doctor said stop running find a different hobby. I love running so I put up with the pain until I had a half marathon that I really wanted to run. I went to a foot doctor who found a repairable problem. He shot me up with steroids so I could do the run but I still haven’t had them fixed. I can’t afford the down time while I recover and there’s a chance the tendon might need repair that would make the recovery longer.

First thing I do when I retire.

My dad, at age 70 ish was having severe back pain while golfing and just walking around, not golfing was not an option but his doctor said nothing could be down.

I convinced him to get another opinion, a specialist said he could fix it. A little surgery and a couple weeks later, no pain.

Point is, if you can afford it and your health insurance doesn’t suck, go to a doctor. Once you know exactly what the problem is maybe it can be fixed or at least you’ll know what type of exercise may be making it worse.

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