At-a-glance map of current planetary exploration spacecraft

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You know what, fellow humans? We’re pretty fucking great when we want to be.


I want this on a full-size poster.


Man, New Horizons is just booking it out of the solar system, looks like it’s catching up to the Voyager probes.

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Tons of space-related goodies… including posters.

I didn’t see it on their site. Perhaps you can contact them re the at-a-glance graphic.


Not sure how much I really like the graphic. It’s pretty confusing–it looks like they took care to put in every single asteroid in both main belts. The “blow-up” of the solar system looks barely larger than the small-size version (even though it is scaled bigger, it looks like the same thing at a glance)…and the inset of the earth follows a squiggly trajectory and appears to be called Artemis. Voyager 1 and 2 seems to be within grasping distance rather than impossibly far away compared to everything else. Text is all over, wherever it would fit (did we need the definition of the Julian calendar in the graphic itself? We have google…)…maybe a more landscape layout would help? i guess it was made for a magazine, so they’d have to make a double-page spread.

Care to show us your effort?

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The Apollo program was named for the positive connotations of the Greek god, according to this NASA article:

The Artemis program has been named for Artemis’s obvious association with the Moon, and also because she was the twin of Apollo:

Thoughts on this name? (I know it kind of doesn’t matter, except it kind of does for those working here.)

Apollo carries the connotation of culture, but Artemis does not (more a fearless hunter than a thinker). “Athena” might have been used; if we’re going to perpetuate these dead mythologies, shouldn’t this program be named with the same care as the Apollo program?

I want to make a comment about the current administration being 100% in favor of the name “Lucre,” but ech.

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