At least 14,000 IRS workers did not show up to work this week, disobeying Trump's order

In a similar vein it never fails to amaze me that companies offering vast bribes donations to the very political parties focussed on impoverishing their customers seem so surprised when their business model collapses…


This seems like a good time to mention that Washington D.C. (which has more people than most of the states in the U.S.)

Not that DC statehood isn’t a good idea, but the population of Washington DC is greater than only two states, Vermont and Wyoming.


As much as I need that money (and I am counting on it), I’ll happily wait an indeterminate amount of time for my tax refund if it makes Trump’s hostage-taking uncomfortable for people in power.


You’re right. I took a quick look at DC metro population, but of course most of those people live in Virginia and Maryland. 2 extra senators could still make a real difference about now, though.
p.s. I appreciate the element of surprise


For most of America it won’t bother them until it hits the Superbowl.
Wait until people get delayed or inconvenienced getting through ATL.
THEN it will be a problem they can relate too. You don’t mess with football in America.

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Maybe i’m biased (because, you know, I’m French) but isn’t it a great opportunity for a massive strike ?


In the U.S., that’s considered something like treason, insurrection, or terrorism, and is illegal (, as mentioned in

Since people don’t have as much freedom in the U.S. as in other countries, about all they can do is individually decide to call in sick in an unorganized way and hope that’s enough to be effective and doesn’t get outlawed too.


Few professions did not have the freedom to do strikes in France, mostly cops, soldiers, that kind of stuff.
Most of them use the same “calling sick” trick but an other more effective way is the " Work-to-rule".
In hospitals medical professions are allowed to do strikes but usually can’t so they write slogans on their blouses.
There is a lot of way to make you visible other than the classic strike.

The statement from the flight attendant’s union made me wonder about the them or the pilots going on strike to protest the decline in the quality of air traffic control. If there had been a crash or a close call because of a shortage of air traffic controllers, I could see that happening. And they are NOT federal employees so it is not illegal for them to strike.

I note also that the Treasury Employee’s union sued because they were ordered back to work but were not “protecting Life or property,” and so there was no good legal basis for them to be exempted.

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