More than 1,000 TSA workers still waiting for their paycheck after Trump government shutdown

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“It appears as though their effort to partially pay people screwed things up and they are still getting their act together.” — Anonymous TSA official who spoke to CNN


Could be worse, a lot of contractors aren’t getting back pay at all. Instead they’re getting investigations for corruption if they ran a GoFundMe campaign during the shutdown, since those could be a conflict of interest depending on who contributed and if they filled out the required paperwork (they didn’t). People who ate a free meal for furloughed workers are also in jeopardy of losing their jobs.


More than 1000 TSA workers vulnerable to outside influence.


I suppose it would be considered mean to point out that if TSA workers were paid on the basis of the value of their output, They’d all be earning negative salaries.

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(looks up the head of the TSA)

Davie, you’re doing a heck of a job.


I’m sure we can trust that number.


It is reasonable to argue that the TSA is a worthless organisation, that security theatre is an abject waste of money, that the TSA is corrupt, that they repeatedly fail tests of the nominal task they’re supposed to do, and that the people working there aren’t exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.^

It is NOT reasonable to argue that it is ok to not pay people employed by that organisation.

^ FWIW, my interactions with TSA have been uniformly OK. Not great, and not terrible. I don’t deny the terrible things that many people have experienced. I don’t deny that air travel would be a lot more pleasurable without the delays and dehumanising experiences. That said, my one-on-one interactions with them have been OK.


Right. I’m all for shutting down the entire program and going back to basic metal detector scans. But in the meantime, you pay your workers for working.


Those investigations are hypothetical. If they were listening, I would tell them not to panic. And the salaried workers will get paid for period 26, it’s just going to take time. Sometimes the wheels of government grind slow.

My apologies, I had a 3 bourbon lunch, and forgot to eat anything.




I fucking despise Dubya’s Trained Sexual Assaulters on three or four different levels. I also despise wealthy demagogues who demolish working class families’ livelihoods to pander to racist and/or Fox-washed voters.



Don’t worry about it. Trump has a long history of paying every single person who has ever worked for him every penny they’ve been owed.

Right after the lawsuit.

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